wickedvampirejinks asked:

Hi there! I made it my personal mission to get to know those that are following me so I hope you don't mind if I ask you some questions! because I'm creeper and thats what I do in life... anyways what's your favorite color? do you speak any other language? do you have any favorite movie/tv show that you would recommend? ... sorry if I bother you.... if you are annoyed by this then simply ignore it

Don’t worry, you’re not gonna creep me out that easily haha

 Now to the questions:

I really like red blue… how original.

I do speak Portuguese.  =)

I’ve got many great TV shows to recommend, but one that I think is a little underrated is White Collar. The other ones you probably already watch them since they’re pretty pupular. And  Never Let Me Go is a terrific movie, and if you have the time you should read the book too. It’s just amazing!

Thanks for taking your time to ask me, happy to answer you.

Take Care